that everyone will hear the Gospel.

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. (Psalm 24:1 NIV)

Churches: one in heart, mind and purpose.

We discover

Jesus said the Father is always at work. So that we may join in, we want to find out where and how.

We share

God is at work around the world. We are thrilled when people see this, perhaps for the first time.

We involve

We delight in people taking Jesus Christ's Great Commission seriously, by going, praying or giving.

Richard and Katherine are settling into a new home in southern England as they begin supporting an Arabic-speaking church nearby. They ask for wisdom as they set priorities and balance their local and international ministries. Their son is happily engaged in A-level studies, really enjoying the subjects he's chosen.

Hélder Favarin is attending the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Asia this week. He says he is deeply grateful for the invitation and the opportunity.

Also attending, in a different role, are Larry and Stephanie, colleagues from One Challenge USA who live in the UK. They will be mentors to some of the young leaders, as well as presenting the need for research in developing Christian ministry.

The conference ortanisers say on their web site: We pray that this will be a unique and historic gathering for the next generation of evangelical influencers and that it will have a lasting impact for the kingdom, strengthening the global church and its mission for decades to come. Please join us in praying for this gathering and for the Younger Leaders Planning Team.

Please pray for Hélder Favarin and the team running Festival180, a weekend for young people in Spain--28th to 30th July 2016. To see what is going on (in Spanish!) click this link.

Two One Challenge families need suitable places for children at an important point in their eduction.

Richard and Katherine's son has taken his first public exams (in the British system, though living in Spain.) He needs a suitable college place with the subjects matching his interests. It looks likely that a UK college is the answer. Please pray for the family as they decide.

Bill and Mary (Central Asia) need a local zoning rule to be overturned so that their young daughter may get a place at a local primary school. An appeal has been lodged.

We are grateful for the Family Matters event in Worthing on 21st May, 2016. The participants learned about a way of describing different personalities into four main types. Discovering one's dominant type and recognising other people's types helps understand how we approach life, make decisions, get things done, relate to others and regain our energy.

Four Bible characters show each of the four types: Abraham, Moses, Peter and Paul. Each of those was used greatly by God, so difference in personality does not imply better or worse, enviable or regrettable.

We can rejoice in God's creativity in all his creation and especially among us human beings.

Richard and Katherine's son is sitting various school public exams in May. Like all others in that situation, the results will determine his next steps in his education. Do pray for him and all others like him.