Our Values

What a group does may be the same as any other group; how the group works can be quite different. One Challenge's values reflect how we want to work. In them, we believe, we see the teachings of the Bible worked out in practice.

Team, Family, Partnership,

Multiplication, Servanthood, Innovation


Just as people are built for relationship, so OC believes that our colleagues will work best in teams. It's not all about work, teams can give support, help build ideas, defend innovation.

One Challenge is committed to healthy families among our colleagues.

Partnership in projects is the preferred way of working for OC.  With 11 centres sending out workers and new opportunities arising often, we collaborate to take up these opportunities. Wider partnerships also emerge, all demonstrating the "co-worker" principle of which the apostle Paul wrote.


Paul taught Timothy to entrust his teachings to others, so they - in turn - could pass them on (2 Timothy 2:2). Paul's teachings were learned, lived and passed on to a growing number of people. OC likes that idea; that's why our work is primarily with Christian leaders, so they can get those they lead engaged in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

Just as Jesus came not to be served, but to serve, so One Challenge personnel keep this at the forefront of our thinking. The important people to us are those we support and encourage. Their ministry success becomes ours.

There are few restrictions placed on our people. If a situation arises that demands a new form of ministry, some innovative response, there is freedom to try it out. Failure is part of risk. Faith can be spelled r, i, s, k. One Challenge has been the seedbed of new ministries with international impact. We want that to continue.